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You’re One Funnel Away from Generating red-hot, ready-to-buy leads with the 10x Funnel Template bundle.

You don’t have to do it the hard way. Here is what you get inside when you Grab these templates today :

Ideal For:

Mini - Importers


Course Creators



Funnel Builders


Agency Owners

Total Value – 820,000 Naira

Regular Price – 45,000 Naira

Today’s Price = 10,000 Naira


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You know what makes the difference between the few marketers who do millions of naira online and the rest who struggle to make a sale?

A “Sales Funnels” That convert ‘clicks’ into cashflow

If you can get just ONE CONVERSION-DRIVEN Funnel…it can take you from ZERO to millions of naira fast

But Even Though You Know This, There’s Still One Big Problems.
Actually 3 BIG Problems.

Problem #1: How to start…and what to design

You stare at your laptop for hours…wondering what your header will be, what color you will use on your funnel, what will come immediately after the first section…

All this can be so overwhelming and so tiring that it usually makes you postpone building your sales funnel for days, or start designing it and never complete it.

And if you manage to eventually design it, it doesn’t convert…or doesn’t convert as much as you would want it
Problem #2: I Wish I Can Hire a Funnel Designer…But Good Ones are So Expensive.

Sometimes when you get so CONFUSED, you just want to pay a great funnel designer to build the funnel for you.
But they are so damn expensive.

…charging anywhere from 50,000 naira to as much as 300,000 naira for one funnel.

And an expense like that is something you can’t handle now.

Problem #3: A lot of Articles & Courses…it is so confusing to learn Funnel Designing!

I know you have read and watched dozens of tutorials …maybe even took a couple of courses on funnel designing….but arrrghhh…there are so MANY rules!

All that ‘’psychology’’ thing…the header should be like this…structure the funnel like this.

All this might make sense when you are learning them…but when it gets time to get on a laptop and design, you go blank.

If you somehow manage to figure out what to design, all these funnel buildings involve a TON of psychology, and (if you’re new to them) the trial, error, and time are STRESSFUL!

Generally speaking, and when I’m starting from scratch, it takes me around 4-7 days to build a new sales funnel…and I’m pretty good at this designing thing!

So, if you HATE designing, I can see why this is your least favorite thing to do

If You Are Reading This, You Probably Fall Under One of Two Categories

Category #1
I love designing but when it comes to designing a sales funnel in particular, I feel so lost and I never get to design it properly.

Category #2
I can’t/hate designing Period!

If You Fall Under Any of These Categories, Let me Help You Solve This Problem – YES!

Do You Think All Those Expensive Funnel Designer That Build 6 & 7 Figure Funnel are Designing Sales Funnels from Scratch?

They Simply Use Formulas – Which involves taken a deep dive into the research of each industry to optimize them with the most relevant offers and conversion-driven design elements.

And Guess what is better than Formulas?

Using Templates to Plug and Play Your Way through 7 Figures!
Imagine if you get…not one…not two…but 12 proven sales funnel templates that you can plug and play – anytime you want! These Funnels Are Not Your Typical ‘Dust-Collecting Ugly Funnels” That Repels Customers To Your Competition

Introducing The 10x Professionally Designed, Trustable, and Branded Funnel Templates…that leaves customers in awe

The Bundle Contains “My Premium Done-For-You Ready To Launch” 10 High-Converting Sales Funnel Templates That Are Proven to Generate Red-Hot, Ready-to-Buy Leads and Convert ‘CLICKS’ INTO CASH  in One Afternoon.

The 10x Funnel Templates is Just Exactly What You Need to Launch Your Sales Funnels in Any Niche with Lightning Speed and Sell Your Products & Services By Conveying Instant Authority

Here Are Some Examples of Funnels That Are Included In The 10x Funnel Template Bundle!
E-COMMERCE (Mini-Importation) FUNNELS
E-COMMERCE (Mini-Importation) FUNNELS

Selling physical products and not getting enough sales? Why not add a funnel to the products and become profitable right from the get go. You can easily build your email list as well using the 2-step order form on these funnels.

(NGN 200,00 VALUE)

We all know that getting leads is the foundation for any business, so naturally we’ve included lead funnels in this bundle in order for you to have maximum success acquiring new leads for your business.

(NGN 50,00 VALUE)

Digital Product Funnel

Digital Product Funnel

Are you selling digital courses? If so, these funnels are amazing for you. You can either use them as trip-wire funnels where you get leads first and then sell them something on the thank you page, or you can simply sell on the first page.
Perfect for things like a book funnel or course or even a template bundle like this one you’re on right now.

(NGN 200,00 VALUE)

Are you running a live or automated webinar? If not, you might want to think about doing so. Webinars are awesome cause they work as an automated 24/7 salesperson. Whether you’re selling an offer via order form or a high ticket coaching program you can sell it better with the help you a webinar.

(NGN 50,000 VALUE)



Every business owner needs a website FUNNEL, not just a website. These website funnels are structured in a way where you build trust, credibility, and authority with your visitors and then guiding them towards your free and paid offers. They work great whether you’re just looking to get leads on-demand or applications for a free consultation call.

(NGN 100,00 VALUE)



Done-for-you landing pages do the heavy lifting for you. It’s practically a template you can plug and play.

(NGN 100,00 VALUE)



Research shows that 62% of people thoroughly consume video content, young consumers prefer video content over written content, and 53% of consumers want to see more video content from brands that they love.

Simply for the fact that it’s video-based, VSLs can help you keep your audience’s attention, convert more traffic, and even connect with your target market on a deeper level.

(NGN 50,00 VALUE)

See What Others Are Saying About My 10x Sales Funnel Template Bundle

To Be Honest, We Should Charge 500,000 MINIMUM For All These 10 (!!!) Sales Funnels
They’re a REUSABLE lethal weapon that saves so much time and headache!

But I know most people won’t have tons of money to spend on this funnel template bundle if I actually priced it what I paid both in time and money to get all of them done for you. 

I spent 2 full months researching, developing, and optimizing the perfect funnel flow for all of these industries.

…SO INSTEAD OF CHARGING OUR REGULAR PRICE OF 45,000,(Which I would have loved to sell it for) I’m practically giving it away…
For 10,000 Naira (1K PER FUNNEL)
(Yes, Really)

And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied… Neither Am I.​

I get it. I buy online materials too just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that you can get on google

 But I’m super proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase.

While I can’t guarantee that these swipe files will make you a millionaire in one week, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of everything you get inside plus the immense time and stress it will save you.


Total Value – 820,000 Naira

Regular Price – 45,000 Naira

Today’s Price = 10,000 Naira

My name is Frank, I am the Co-Founder and Lead Designer of BrandPro Agency, an agency that has built funnels grossing millions in revenue. We design websites and funnels for clients. In the past 2 years, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to design funnels that BREAK the ugly landing page standard, and have discovered the exact methods and techniques to build funnels that not only skyrocket your conversions but also make your brand stand out.

And if there is one thing I have learned from designing hundreds of funnels for clients, it is that you need a template for these things.
Designing a funnel every time from scratch is not smart, and even for someone as good in these things as me – I rarely design anything from scratch.
The 10x funnel template bundle is all the secret weaponry that I use to build killer funnels that are strategically designed to convert super-fast.


Yes! When you enroll you get access to video tutorial that covers everything you need to know.

You can use these funnels to attract leads and customers for ANY business in ANY industry who are selling products or services at ANY price levels. So YES, these works for you as well. When you join the Facebook Group that comes with it you can ask what funnel to use.

If you don’t use Elementor and you want to use something else like Instabuilder or Thrive Architect, you simply download all the graphics, images, and icons and upload them to your preferred page builder. You even get access to live links of the funnels so you can look at them before building them. Easy! (plus we answer all those questions on the other side)

Because Nigeria is hard…if i sell it for EXACTLY what it is worth, how many people can afford it? How many people can actually afford to pay me 500,000 naira for 10 sales letters? Tell me…so at this price, everyone can afford it. 


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